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Any unsuffocating mask available? Is it truly healthy when wearing suffocating masks? By questioning the status quo led us to explore the prospects of a more comfortable way of respiratory protection.

The foundation of innovation derives from the accumulation of experiences. Various inventions throughout human history provided feasible solutions under certain circumstances in that age. When the filtration efficiency became a norm for “mask”, Healthnaso® tried to get back to the very beginning and figured out why respiratory illnesses grew into a major issue for us humans. Hardly seen polluting particles and nearly hurt senseless lung cause a great deal of preventable regrets. The standardization of masks is for healthier breathing, not towards the limits of filtration efficiency. Is it a viable option if the inhaling air is significantly blocked and the breathing comfort is tremendously overlooked?

From the study of nose anatomy, the application of state-of-the-art biomedical materials, to the verification of scientific experiments, the health-centric invisible nose mask was ultimately created.
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Infused with blood circulation boosting FIR particles, Warmnaso® is ergonomically designed to fit distinct nose shapes. Nostrils are the entrance of respiratory tract and among our body organs, capillaries are widely distributed over nasal cavity. In the cellular level, the unseen 4 – 14µm wavelengths of light would resonate with our nose cells and result in metabolism increase.

For people with nasal allergic problems, low metabolic activities around nose regions are commonly found. In the long run, metabolic wastes would accumulate in the blood vessels just like obstructed pipes. Tested by TTRI, wearing Warmnaso® would on average increase blood circulation by 26.4%. With the physiologically-circulated mechanism, nose discomforts could thus be relieved.  
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With the development of industrialization and urbanization, demand for quality air gains upward momentum every step of the way. Despite blocking allergens and pollutants, respiration protection aims highly at getting rid of smelly and harmful odors. Healthnaso Plus® — the odor-repellent nasal mask is equipped with a biocompatible carrier and an embedded filter. The biomedical-grade material and the in-the-nose design provide wearers with nearly senseless feel and almost invisible appearance.

In the attempt to block the entry of allergens and pollutants as well as to release forest-level negative ions, the exceptional filter was co-developed with a Japanese firm. The negative ions discharged would neutralize tiny particulates and bad odor particles to refresh a person's body and mind.  
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Increasing amounts of drug-resistant pathogens have been found in some medical facilities. Poorly-ventilated spaces also tend to act as incubators for contagious diseases, such as cabins, movie theaters, poultry farms, and subways. Silver has been used for the prevention of infection for thousands of years. Unlike chemically-synthesized compounds, silver has no issues of chemical sensitivity and antibiotic resistance.

Nanosilver refers to nanoparticles of silver and holds superior surface activity and antiseptic capability. With nanosilver dispersed evenly on the surface, Nanonaso® is equipped with remarkably anti-microbial characteristics yet no breathing comfort would be compromised. Nanonsao® nanosilver has been tested via AHRI, SGS, and NTOU virus lab. Experimentally-proven to possess above 90% germ killing effect over H1N1 flu virus, H6N1 avian flu virus, E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Streptococcus pneumonia.  
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